Interactive approaches for business

Sol&Agrifood proposes tasting, information and training courses for food buyers and operators in the horeca sector looking for typical and high quality products to include in their portfolios.
Producers, supported by chefs and sector journalists, promote the uniqueness of their proposals in a marketing key.
There were 88 such appointments in 2019.

Appointments at Sol&Agrifood

  • The Forum is home to foodtelling;
  • The Cooking show area is home to the Evoo Academy, a full-scale educational event focusing on the use of extra virgin olive oil in cuisine, managed by Aipo - Verona (Inter-Regional Olive Producers Association) that also promotes the culture of food through recipes by testimonials of the calibre of chef Giorgione;
  • The Mantegna Meeting Room hosts guided tastings of extra virgin olive oils proposed by Italian and international exhibitors highlighted during the walk-around tasting of the olive oils winning the Sol d'Oro Northern and Southern Hemisphere competitions;
  • The Evoo bar offers assisted tastings of the olive oils winning the Sol d'Oro International Competition over all four days of the event;
  • The Xcellent Beers is home to guided tastings alternating with mini courses outlining various types of product and how to make the right pairings.

Golosario Award

The award informs trade operators of emerging excellence in Italian agro-food produce on show at Sol&Agrifood. The winners are announced in the Forum Area on the closing day of the trade fair and selected products are made available for tasting. The prize is organised established in collaboration with the food and wine critics Paolo Massobrio and Marco Gatti.



Catering at Sol&Agrifood

The Goloso Restaurant welcomes chefs belonging to the Italian Federation of Chefs (Fic) proposing Italian style cuisine every day using high quality raw materials and paired with the impressive wine list selected by AIS.
The Goloso Restaurant is open 10.00-16.00. There is also a takeaway service.

Wine partner Sponsor_AIS2

The Speedy Goloso catering point is located outside the exhibition hall. It upholds the principles of Sol&Agrifood with sandwiches and finger food prepared using quality ingredients in harmony with the "fast-food" nature of modern times.