Customized services modulated to meet the needs of every exhibitor

Che tu sia un piccolo o grande produttore, Sol&Agrifood ti offre la possibilità di partecipare proponendoti servizi – partecipazione/stand, b2b, promozione -  personalizzati e modulati sulle tue esigenze.
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Important notice

Sol&Agrifood has no relationships whatsoever with Fair Guide, Expo Guide and Società
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How to take part to Sol&Agrifood
in 3 steps


Decide how you would like to set-up your stand

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Do you require bare exhibition space or a turnkey stand? With or without furniture? Enquire about the solution best-suited to the needs of your company.





Enrol for B2B meetings

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  • b2b meetings with foreign buyers;
  • incontri b2b con la gdo italiana.

The International Meeting Point is where exhibitors who subscribe to this initiative on payment meet buyers selected by Veronafiere from Usa, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Singapore, Japan, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bosnia Herzegovina and Hungary for exports of agro-food products of high quality.


In 2019, 150 b2b meetings are organised. For exhibitors in the olive oil sector, Sol&Agrifood organises b2b meetings with the main Italian retail chains.


Take part in promotional initiatives

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  • the Forum Area hosts explanations of products by exhibitors, flanked by a specialist journalist and a chef;
  • the Mantegna Meeting Room is dedicated to presentations of extra virgin olive oils by Italian and international exhibitors keen to ensure commercial visibility to products from specific production areas or territories;
  • the Cooking show area provides exhibitors with an open kitchen. This space is also used by Sol&Agrifood for its educational events;
  • the Xcellence Beers, where national and international craft brewers come to the fore, with tastings and mini-courses, as well as incoming international operators organised in collaboration with ICE Trade Agency and national operators coordinated by the Food Distributors Consortium - CDA WEB.

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Visibility all year around

Promotion of the winners of the Sol d'Oro Competition and the Golosario Prize

Extra-virgin oils winning awards in the Sol d'Oro Northern Hemisphere and Sol d'Oro Southern Hemisphere Competitions are promoted through B2B meetings organised by Sol&Agrifood with international buyers during a walk around tasting in the Mantegna Meeting Room. Trade operators are also informed about emerging excellence in the Italian agro-business sector on hand during the show on the last day of Sol&Agrifood dedicated to the Golosario Award. The prize is organised established in collaboration with the food and wine critics Paolo Massobrio and Marco Gatti. Nominated products, selected by a panel of judges after incognito tastings of all products on display, are listed in the “Il Golosario Guide”.

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Permanent showcase for b2b

  • the online catalogue, available all year around, is an interactive portal with information about companies organized in a harmonised manner so that it can be easily searched by buyers using the search engine.


  • Sol Int'l for sales promotion of Made in Italy produce. The product that benefits most from these activities is extra-virgin olive oil, not the least through the organization of group shows at two major trade fairs in Asia: the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair with the Sol International EVO Oil Show and Osaka Olive Oil Kansai in Japan.


Training, information and networking

Sol&Agrifood organises two training and updating events during the year:

  • in February with Evoo Days, the forum dedicated to extra virgin olive oil with in-depth seminars discussing production, regulations and marketing involving internationally renowned experts.
  • during Sol&Agrifood with the presentation of market research, conferences and workshops dealing with olive oil, beer and food.

The contents of these meetings are made available in the Studies and Research section.

formazione e networking

Technical Partner