Sol Int'l

Promoting high quality evo oil worldwide

Olive Oil Kansai

Osaka, Giappone

5 - 7 November


International Wine & Spirit Fair

Hong Kong

19 - 22 May


  • For winners of Sol d'Oro awards
  • For companies with a focus on exports
  • Product promotion and culture

Sol Int'l keeps you informed

Veronafiere, through group attendance at international events in Hong Kong (Sol Int'l Evo Oil Show at the International Wine & Spirit Fair) and Osaka (Japan - Olive Oil Kansai), offers a preferential showcase focusing on two of the most important international markets.

For winners of Sol d'Oro awards

Olive oils winning Sol d'Oro Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere competitions benefit from promotional activities and a program of guided tastings targeting specialist operators from all over Asia.

For companies with a focus on export

Sol Int'l organizes group attendance for companies, thereby streamlining and facilitating attendance even by small companies determined to make themselves better known on international markets

Product promotion and culture

Thanks to educational events, guided tastings and cooking shows, Sol Int'l promotes product culture by improving the knowledge of operators and buyers not only from Japan and China but all over the Far East.