Marino Giorgetti

Marino Giorgetti

Competition Panel Chief

Expert taster, professor, and panel leader for the world’s most important extra virgin olive oil competitions. He has been the technical director of the Sol D’Oro Verona competition for eleven years. 
Marino travels the world advising olive production companies and training tasting panels. He has also written numerous publications related to olive oil tasting. In addition to Marino Giorgetti, the panel leader, other olive oil experts will come from Spain, Italy, Slovenia, and South America to determine the best oils from the Southern Hemisphere.

Anunciacion Carpio Duenas

Anunciación Carpio Dueñas

She has a degree in biology and an advanced specialisation diploma in Fats and Oils. She was born in Pozoblanco (Córdoba, Spain) and has worked in the Andalusia Region Department of Agriculture in Jaén since 1987. She has developed training and consultancy projects for olive oil mills to obtain quality oils and characterization of Virgin Olive Oil. An expert in tasting and sensory analysis, she has taken part in numerous conferences and seminars, as well as international juries for the most prestigious competitions around the world. She has published books and articles focusing on tasting and developing olive oil and research work into ancient oil mills and related industrial archaeology. She is a director of the group of experts of the Economic and Social Council of the province of Jaén and permanent advisor for the Jaén Institute of Studies associated with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

Giuseppe Giordano

Giuseppe Giordano

Giuseppe Giordano, junior agronomist, works at ARSAC (Regional Agency for the Development of Agriculture in Calabria) as an Agricultural Promoter Specialising in Olive-Growing and Panel Leader of the professional virgin olive oil tasting commission recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture. He organises and lectures in training courses for virgin olive oil tasters and a member of the jury for several national and international competitions in the olive oil sector. He is a speaker at Slow Food olive oil and coffee courses. He is a taster of table olives, bread and an ONAS master taster of delicatessen meat (National Organisation of Delicatessen Meat Tasters). He is a coffee taster and IIAC Italian Espresso Coffee Trainer (International Institute of Coffee Tasters). He has also attended several courses in sensory analysis for tasting: traditional Modena balsamic vinegar, AIS level I wine, chocolate, honey, etc.


Annalisa Valetti

A taster since 1995, she is registered in the national list of technicians and experts of virgin and extra virgin olive oils of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies. Always passionate about olive oil and wine and, while graduating and working in another area, she has expanded knowledge in these fields over time while also organising courses for tasters as well as olive oil and wine competitions. She is a member of the jury for several important national and international competitions.

Carlotta Pasetto

Carlotta Pasetto

She is an ONAOO professional taster, lecturer holding technical and professional courses in Italy and abroad. As a freelance consultant, she focuses on selection, quality control and blending for national and international olive oil companies.


Maria Paola Gabusi

Panel Leader of the Aipol 2 Professional Tasting Commission (Brescia), since 2016 she has been the organiser and Panel Leader of the Leone d'Oro International Competition. She is the director of the O'Live & Italy Cultural Association: professional sensory analysis courses in Italy and abroad since 2013. She is a member of the jury for selections and/or finals of: Ercole Olivario, Oil China, Domina IOOC, Top Panel il Magnifico, Biol, Gambero Rosso and Slow Food.

Giulio Scatolini

Giulio Scatolini

A professional taster since 1993, in 1995 he became a COI panel leader. In 1997, under his guidance, the Aprol Perugia panel was the first association of producers in the world to receive COI recognition. In 2007, the Ministry of Agriculture appointed him Panel Leader of the Unaprol tasting group. In 2011, he was appointed external consultant panel leader for the Gambero Rosso Olive Oil Guide. In 2014 he was the Director of the ICQRF/MIPAAFT technical panel leader course. He has been a member of the Sol d'Oro Competition Jury from the first edition.


Fulvio Genovese

He has coordinated the production and consumer assistance office since 1985 and is also in charge of the sales office for Unaprol - the Italian olive oil consortium. An expert taster since 1995 and member of the Unaprol panel, in June 2016 he earned the Panel Leader certificate recognised by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture.  Organiser and teacher of courses abroad for tasting quality olive oils, he coordinates promotion activities and trade fairs in Italy and abroad. He has been the CEO of GE.VA. International srl since 2008. Import/Export and freelance consultant.

Simone De Nicola

Simone De Nicola

He is a Manager at the ICQRF-NORTH EAST Office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry with inspection duties. In addition to checks at olive mills and olive oil production companies, she has played an active role for many years in the olive oil supply chain with publications, training courses and regular involvement in recognised panels. She is a member of the jury for several national and international competitions.


Miciyo Yamada

Miciyo Yamada

A journalist, she has lived in Italy for more than 38 years. She was the first Japanese recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as a taster of extra virgin olive oil. She is a member of the jury of several olive oil competitions around the world. She holds seminars in Japan. A former director of Japanese magazine Amarena, she has published several books in Italy including "Art of Sushi", "Ramen" and "The Book of Sake and Japanese Spirits”.


Giuseppe Cicero

A graduate in Agricultural Sciences, Taster of virgin and extra virgin olive oils as per Regulation 2568/91/CEE, with a diploma as oenologist issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Panel Leader acknowledged by the IOC. He is the Panel Leader responsible for the tasting committee of Ragusa Chamber of Commerce for DOP Monti Iblei olive oil certification, Panel Leader in charge of the tasting committee of IRVO in Palermo for certification of IGP Sicily olive oils; member of the national juries for the "Ercole Olivario", "Sol d'Oro," Sirena d'Oro" and " Leone d'Oro" awards.


Mirella Zanetic


She is a researcher at the Institute for Adriatic Crops in Split, Croatia, in the virgin olive oil quality control laboratory, where she is also panel leader of the tasting group. She boasts more than 20 years of experience in sensory analysis and is a regular panel member for national and international competitions. She was a panel member of the NYIOOC 2019 competition in New York.  He scientific interest focuses essentially on the quality and typical character of virgin olive oils made from native varieties, paying special particular attention to the bioactive compounds (antioxidants) ensuring the health properties of virgin oils as well as the volatile compounds that help create their bouquet.  She is a professor at the Faculty of Mediterranean Agriculture of the University of Split. She has conducted numerous seminars/workshops focusing on quality improvement and guided oil tasting for olive growers and consumers, as well as interactive educational seminars for teachers and children at infant, middle and high schools. She has published many articles in leading international scientific journals


Sonda Laroussi


Laroussi is a trainer and a panel leader of Olea Conseils and SGS Tunisia. She is an engineer and holds a master degree in food quality and a PhD in Analytical chemistry and chemometrics. She was focused in her research works on the valorization of the Virgin Olive Oil biodiversity and traceability. She has published several scientific works on Tunisian olive oil. Currently, she is manager at Olea Conseils company specialized in training, sensory analysis of table olives and virgin olive oil, producers’ assistance.


Lourdes Gonzales Koc


Food Industry Engineer from the Jorge Basadre Grohmann National University of Tacna, specialized in Elaotechnology of the Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Training Institute (IFAPA Mengibar - Spain). She is the first Peruvian professional certified as an Expert in Virgin Olive Oil Tasting by the University of Jaén – Spain. She has developed scientific research and R&D projects in the olive sector, specialized consultancies and university teaching of national and international character, also participating as organizer, speaker and panelist in national and international conferences of the olive and agroindustrial sector. She also holds managerial positions in the private company (export sector) and in the trade field, as President of the Association of Olive Oil Producers of Peru, founder and Ex-President of the Pro Olivo Association of Peru and Chairman of the Sub Committee of Peruvian Technical Standard of Olive Oil..


Isabella Vacca

An analyst at LABCAM, Chemical Product Laboratory of the Riviere di Liguria Chamber of Commerce, in the chemical and sensory sector, she is also Deputy Panel Leader for the LABCAM and IM2 panels, both recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture. She is an organiser and lecturer of training courses for the award of extra virgin olive oil taster certificates. She has been a member of the jury for several national and international competitions.