International Jury Sol d'Oro 2023 Northern hemisphere

Marino Giorgetti

Head of the Sol d’Oro International Competition Panel

Expert taster, professor of sensory analysis and panel leader for the most important international extra virgin olive oil competitions, Marino Giorgetti has been the technical director of the International Sol d'Oro Competition since the first edition 20 years ago. Marino travels the world as a business consultant for improving the quality of extra virgin olive oils, is a trainer of tasting panels and has written numerous publications on extra virgin olive oil.

Giulio Scatolini

In 1997, under his guidance, the Aprol Perugia panel was the first of a producers' association in the world to receive COI recognition. In 2007, the Ministry of Agriculture recognised him as panel leader of the Unaprol tasting group. Since 2011, he has been the external panel leader consultant for the Gambero Rosso Oils Guide. A speaker at various conferences on sensory analysis of virgin olive oils, he has been a juror for the Sol d'Oro competition since its first edition.

Giuseppe Giordano

Panel head of the professional tasting committee for virgin olive oils recognised by the MIPAAF and working at ARSAC (Regional Agency for the Development of Agriculture in Calabria) where he works as an Agricultural Divulgator specialising in olive growing. He organises and teaches training courses for virgin olive oil tasters and is a judge in various national and international olive oil competitions.

Alberto Morreale

Chemical expert of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry - CentralInspectorate for the quality control of agri-food products (ICQRF), he deals with national, international and EU agri-food legislation and is Panel Leader at the Official Tasting Committee operating at the ICQRF Headquarters of Conegliano.

Piergiorgio Sedda

Researcher specialized in the olive-oil sector of the AGRIS Sardinia Agricultural Research Agency, he has been a professional taster since 1991 as well as Head-Panel, since 2008, at the Professional Panel of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia-AGRIS Sardinia. Juror in numerous national tasting commissions and Vice President-Panel Head of the “Montiferru” National Award, he is a teacher specialized in the subjects of courses for tasters.

Simone De Nicola

Officer of the ICQRF-NORTHEAST Office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies with inspection duties. In addition to inspections at oil mills and production companies, he has been following the olive oil sector for years with publications, training and regular participation in recognised panels. Member of the Jury in various national and international competitions.

Mahdi Fendri

Mahdi Fendri hails from Sfax, the biggest olive producing province in Tunisia. Coming from an olive growing family, he started to discover the fascinating world of the olive oil since his early childhood. After completing his studies at the Higher Institute of Agronomy of Sousse, he went to Spain in 2005 to carry out an International Master degree in Olive Growing and Olive Oil Technology. Since then, he got specialized in this field of research and he obtained his PhD from the University of Granada in 2011. After a working experience in the Spanish High Council of Scientific Research in Granada followed by a short stay at the International Olive Council, he returned to Tunisia to start a scientific career at the Olive Institute. Currently, he is involved in several national and international projects aiming at enhancing the valorization of local olive oils and better identifying their properties. Convinced that there are no limits to explore the exiting universe of extra virgin olive oil, he is continuously eager to find out new tasting experiences.

Na Xie

Assaggiatrice professionista e fondatrice di una società di importazione di olio in Cina, si dedica alla promozione dell’olio extravergine di oliva di qualità con seminari e degustazioni in fiere internazionali (come la prima CIIE China International Import Expò) coinvolgendo produttori, consumatori e chef nonchée concentrando le collaborazioni anche con ristoranti esclusivi per promuovere l’abbinamento con gli ingredienti della cucina cinese.

Carlotta Pasetto

ONAOO professional taster, lecturer in technical and professional courses in Italy and abroad. Free-lance, she is in charge of selection, quality control and blending for important national and international oil companies and participates in the juries of important international competitions.

Milena Bucar Miklavcic

President of the Slovenian National Olive Council, she is the head of the Chemical Laboratory of the Science and Research Centre in Koper, where she conducts numerous research projects in the field of oils, as well as being the local panel leader and the National Slovenian Panel. She cooperates with international organisations such as the IOC (International Olive Oil Council) and the European Commission as an expert member in sensory analysis.

Anunciacion Carpio

She has a degree in biology and a highly specialised diploma in fats and oils. She is originally from Pozoblanco (Córdoba, Spain) and has worked for the Ministry of Agriculture of the Andalusian Region in Jaén since 1987. An expert in tasting and sensory analysis, she has participated in many conferences, seminars and also as a member of the international jury in the world's most prestigious olive oil competitions.

Miciyo Yamada

Journalist, has lived in Italy for over 38 years. First Japanese woman recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as a virgin olive oil taster. She is on the jury of several olive oil competitions in the world and teaches through seminars in Japan. Former editor of the Japanese magazine Amarena and has published several books in Italy such as "Arte del Sushi", "Ramen" and "Il libro del Sake e degli spiriti giapponesi".

Yara El Ghalayini

Founding member of the "Jordanian Olive Oil Women Network" in Amman, she has been curating and presenting her studies in the fields of olive oil history and folklore in Jordan and Jordanian olive oil and gastronomy for many years. As a researcher at the University of Granada in Spain, she is an expert taster and has published several works promoting olive oil culture among Spanish and Arabic speaking populations.

Selin Ertür

Olivicoltore e frantoiana, continua a produrre olio d'oliva per la 4° generazione familiare dal 1899. Assaggiatrice formatasi in Italia, ha 20 anni di esperienza professionale conseguendo anche il titolo di Capo Panel, è consulente in Turchia sulla degustazione e qualità degli oli ed è membro della giuria nei concorsi internazionali di olio d'oliva. E’ anche è il primo professionista negli oli di oliva tra gli esperti internazionali del settore presenti nel suo Paese.

Ernest Kante

La sua passione per l'olio d'oliva lo ha portato, da imprenditore e produttore di olio extravergine d'oliva, a completare la formazione come assaggiatore professionista. Nel 2014 ha ottenuto la qualifica di capo panel e dal 2015 è capo di un panel professionale, con sede a Nova Gorica (Slovenia). Partecipa a numerosi corsi di formazione internazionali sull'olio extravergine di oliva e aiuta a migliorare la produzione dei migliori oli extravergine d'oliva in Slovenia.

Roberta Ruggeri

Professional taster. Holder of the official tasting committee of Aipo Verona and member of the jury in important national and international competitions. Lecturer in training courses. You deal with the promotion and enhancement of quality extra virgin olive oil. Expert in oil/food combinations; creator of the column "Roberta's cuisine - with extra virgin olive oil".

Antonio Volani

Expert taster since 2004. Technical director of the Aipo d'Argento International Oil Competition. Since 2011 he has been technical manager of the official tasting committee of Aipo di Verona. Organizer and teacher in training courses for virgin olive oil tasters, he has been participating for many years as a judge in various national and international sector competitions.