Sol d'Oro

Northern Hemisphere

Verona, Italy
18 - 24 March 2024

Southern Hemisphere

Tacna (Peru)
11-14 September 2023

Sol d'Oro is the most important blind tasting olive oil competition in the world.The competition is held on two occasions during the year: in February for Northern Hemisphere olive oils and September for those from the Southern Hemisphere.

What is the Sol d'Oro International Competition

The Sol d'Oro competition is organized by Veronafiere since 2002. 
The objective is to valorise the best extra virgin olive oils from local areas in all producer countries and promote then in a sales context. 
In any case, the history of the contest goes back to the early 1990s with the Leone d’Oro award.
Verona is home In February every year to Sol d'Oro Northern Hemisphere as a preview for Sol&Agrifood, the International of Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Quality Agro-Food Show.

The first edition of Sol d'Oro Southern Hemisphere was organized in September 2014, dedicated to extra virgin olive oils produced south of the Equator in respect of their seasonal features. Sol d'Oro Southern Hemisphere is a traveling event held in alternation in olive oil producer countries in the southern hemisphere.

Promotional Activities for award-winning oils

Sol Int'l for the promotion of quality evo oil in the world
Through its participation in the form of a collective at the international events in Hong Kong (Sol Int'l Evo Oil Show at the International Wine & Spirit Fair) and Osaka (Japan - Olive Oil Kansai), Veronafiere offers a privileged showcase to participating producers, thanks to guided tastings, educational about evo oil and cooking show.
Sol Int'l Evo Oil Show at the International Wine & Spirit Fair in November 2020
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Olive Oil Kansai from 19 to 21 May 2020
The oils awarded with the Sol d'Oro, the Sol d'Argento, the Sol di Bronzo and the Grand Mentions can show on the bottle a sticker attesting the prize received.
Every year on the occasion of Sol&Agrifood is realized, in Italian and English, the guide The Stars of the Golden Sun - The Winners Guide with the descriptive cards of the oils winners of the International Competition Sol d'Oro Northern Hemisphere and Sol d'Oro Southern Hemisphere. The guide is distributed to buyers and delegates of Veronafiere worldwide and at all stages of Sol International in the most important trade fairs in the Far East. The guide is also available online.
In the days of the event Sol&Agrifood the winning oils are the protagonists of guided tastings and walk around tasting dedicated to international buyers and cooking show with recipes specially designed by chef Giorgione, testimonial of the International Exhibition of Food Quality to enhance each type of oil. Discover the recipes of Giorgione 2019.
The list of the winning oils and the Grand Mentions is published on the event website and distributed through press releases to the Italian and international press.