• Fillets of Tub Gurnard
  • One onion
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive - Olio di Dievole
  • Basil
  • Long pasta


Add a generous dose of Dievole extra virgin olive to the pan, thinly slice a firm onion and distribute evenly over the base. Now add the cherry tomatoes. Clean the cherry tomatoes carefully and then cut them in half. Place them face down until they completely cover the layer of onion. Now add a little sea salt, an extra dash of DIEVOLE extra virgin olive oil and chopped basil leaves here and there. At this point, arrange the well-cleaned and tub gurnard fillets on top of the tomatoes and place the pan over a lively flame, without stirring: leave the pan alone! The tomatoes should be fried and the fillets cooked without touching the base of the pan itself. Little by little, two simple aromas should emerge of tomato and fish. In the meantime, boil plenty of water for the pasta. When boiling, add salt and the spaghetti. Once half cooked, remove the spaghetti to finish the recipe in the pan, arranging the past on top of the fried tomatoes and tub gurnard fillets, without mixing anything. If the base is a little dry, add a couple of ladles of the water where the pasta was cooked. Now is the time to mix and blend the pasta with the base ingredients. The spaghetti will finish cooking In no more than 3-4 minutes. Add another dash Dievole extra virgin olive oil ... and serve at table!