The diet of Pope Francis is based on local and seasonal produce

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Pope Francis enjoys fine dining, although he does avoid refined or exclusive delicacies. No oysters or lobsters on the table of Pope Francis but seasonal fruit and vegetables, grown Castel Gandolfo, traditional dishes and no desserts.

He hasn't yet managed not to enjoy a pasta dish almost every day, despite doctors advising him to cut down to control his weight and avoid aggravating his problem with sciatica. He kept his doctors happy by abolished sweets and drastically reducing consumption of wine.

Something of a minor revolution compared to the preferences of Benedict XVI and John Paul II. Benedict XVI loves strudel, tarts and tiramisu while John Paul II preferred Papieska Kremowka, puff pastry with cream fillings.

The dietary preferences of Pope Francis are perfectly in keeping with the contents of the encyclical Laudato Si'  where he suggests that the land, water, agriculture and food can be a starting point to combat injustice and inequality.


[Source: Teatro Naturale for Sol&Agrifood]

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