Sol d'Oro Northern Hemisphere Competition: live streaming for 2020 awards and launch of 2021 edition

The award ceremony was held on Sunday 22 November with a combined attended and digital event for the olive oils winning the Sol d'Oro Northern Hemisphere International Competition. The live stream from Veronafiere broadcast on YouTube involved President Maurizio Danese and links with Marino Giorgetti, the competition panel leader, and the award winners.

Sol d'Oro Southern Hemisphere - Appointment in Argentina in 2021

Given the impossibility of receiving samples of the olive oils registered for the 2020 edition of Sol d’Oro Southern Hemisphere - the Veronafiere/Sol&Agrifood international competition for quality extra virgin olive oils produced south of the equator - has been postponed to 2021.

Olive Oil in South America: small output up only for export

The Sol D'Oro Southern Hemisphere competition in Peru 22-27 September highlights olive growing in Latin

Sol D'Oro travels to Perù to discover the southern hemisphere's finest extra virgin olive oils

The sixth edition of Sol d'Oro Southern Hemisphere - the only blind tasting competition dedicated to quality
local extra virgin olive oils produced south of the Equator - is scheduled in Tacna, Peru, from 22 September.

26 Tasty excellences to discover

Founded to reward new excellence in the Italian agro-food sector on show during Sol&Agrifood, the Golosario Award celebrated its tenth edition in 2019. Over the years, the award has proven to be a fine omen for many start-ups as well as historical producers involved in an important occasion for comparisons.

Japan Loves Italy

Among all target markets for Italian extra virgin olive oil, Japan and Switzerland are the countries with the highest average export price (respectively 5.6 and 6 euros/kg) compared to a world average of 5 euros/kg. Yet even as regards cheese, Italy enjoys the highest price positioning in this market compared to all its direct competitors (€7.64/kg average import price compared to 3.62 euros in Australia or €3.97 in the USA). These figures emerge from the Agrifood Monitor survey conducted by Nomisma and Crif.