Great news: chocolate with olive oil for sufferers of diabetes

The torment for people suffering from diabetes, like everyone else who has to keep blood sugar levels under control, is having to give up on sweet foods. Yet they can now enjoy a few pieces of chocolate without incurring contraindications.

Better to dine alone if you want to lose weight

Loneliness is a friend of dieting, while we tend to eat more and consume more calories in company.

Italian olive oil bounces back but stocks are still a problem

It will be a great year for Mediterranean olive oil although good luck will not smile on all countries.

Change in the geography of olive oil consumption around the world

In 1990, Italy, Spain and Greece together consumed 56% of olive oil produced worldwide. At the time, except for the United States, olive oil was consequently a product predominantly confined to the Mediterranean area and, even more so, to Europe. Today, this scenario has changed. Only 35% of the production is consumed in Italy, Spain and Greece.

The virtues of extra virgin olive oil explained by Indian researchers

It may seem paradoxical that Indian researchers at the University of Kashmir have explained the virtues of extra virgin olive oil and in particular one of its phenols: hydroxytyrosol. However, it should be borne in mind that extra virgin olive oil is renowned and appreciated in all Asian countries precisely for its nutraceutical properties.

The aroma of healthy food makes people prefer junk food and vice versa

It may sound like a paradox but when we smell the aroma of healthy foods, such as apples, we have the urge to indulge ourselves in junk food. In the same way, in response to the aroma of unhealthy food, our brains direct us towards healthier foods. This emerges from US research published in the Journal of Marketing Research.