Dry fruit reduces the risk of obesity

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Dried fruit is all too often not served at table for fear of gaining weight given its high energy and calorie levels. Yet, enjoyed in moderation, the opposite is true - as shown by an American study published in the British journal BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health which suggests that consuming 14 grams of dried fruit a day actually helps prevent gaining weight over the years and reduces the risk of obesity.

This is equal to about fifteen shelled almonds or a dozen walnuts. Researchers based their analysis on observations of around 200,000 patients and saw benefits in people who ate nuts rather than snacks.

A handful of almonds instead of a packet of crisps help us keep us healthy and fit. Dried fruit is rich in vitamins, mineral salts and unsaturated fats and, in moderation, promotes health and weight control, for example, by increasing a sense of satiety.

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