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Founded to reward new excellence in the Italian agro-food sector on show during Sol&Agrifood, the Golosario Award celebrated its tenth edition in 2019. Over the years, the award has proven to be a fine omen for many start-ups as well as historical producers involved in an important occasion for comparisons.

The 2019 edition awarded 26 products on display at the trade show, including craft beers, Amarone wine candies and bread sticks, wild berry pasta, broad bean cream, cherry vinegar savoured with Tuscan cigars, delicatessen meats and cheese, smoked ricotta (cottage cheese) and the most original liqueurs.

Usually awarded every year to new companies, for this edition awards were also made to "Evergreens", that is to those producers which, having already taken awards in the past, have proven capable of proposing other new and innovative products.

For award-winning products and companies, the prize is a business card to be presented to buyers and operators of the Italian and international horeca channel.

Discover the 26 top products at Sol&Agrifood

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