Dry fruit reduces the risk of obesity

Dried fruit is all too often not served at table for fear of gaining weight given its high energy and calorie levels. Yet, enjoyed in moderation, the opposite is true - as shown by an American study published in the British journal BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health which suggests that consuming 14 grams of dried fruit a day actually helps prevent gaining weight over the years and reduces the risk of obesity.

Olive oil at the bottom of the sea

1800 years old but still young at heart - thanks to a secret of the ancient Romans. Archaeology often helps us resolve unusual dilemmas. The discovery of a Roman galley off the coast of the Spanish island of Majorca a few months ago, that probably sank III century A.D., has helped enabled reveal an authentic gold mine of gastronomy.

Great news: chocolate with olive oil for sufferers of diabetes

The torment for people suffering from diabetes, like everyone else who has to keep blood sugar levels under control, is having to give up on sweet foods. Yet they can now enjoy a few pieces of chocolate without incurring contraindications.

Better to dine alone if you want to lose weight

Loneliness is a friend of dieting, while we tend to eat more and consume more calories in company.

Italian olive oil bounces back but stocks are still a problem

It will be a great year for Mediterranean olive oil although good luck will not smile on all countries.

Christmas is coming... everyone at the table!

The search for Christmas gifts has begun all over the world and, as always, doubts about what presents to give grip many people. This year's trends in Italy, according to consumer-watchdog Federconsumatori, confirm preferences for technological and food gifts, such as "panettone", cheese, cured meats, jams, liqueurs and preserves.